Different From The Average Photo Booth

Hi everyone!

Many of you have contacted us asking what our set up looks like. In short, we are unlike any other photo booth out there. That’s because we barely consider ourselves a photo booth service! We set up a totally modular and portable studio right at your event. We use real professional DSLR cameras, professional lighting gear and more. There are no automated machines or booths or Volkwagons to climb into! From professional grip equipment (stands, poles, etc.), our signature white backdrop and light set up, to our print station which includes a laptop and state of the art printer.  The photographer stands about 8-9′ away from the backdrop where you and your guests stand to have their portrait taken. We use top of the line professional DSLRs and take the utmost care of your digital files. After all, we’re not just portrait photographers but also wedding photographers. These memories are worth more than gold!

We strive to keep our area tidy as to not be an eyesore at your wedding but mostly to also be a safe environment as hundreds of people will pass through to interact with us.
To learn more about our services and pricing, you can go to this link here.

Hope to see you soon!


~ Team POW


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