“The Kardashian Photo Booth”

The Portraits On White image.

We’ve been getting lots of questions lately about the differences between the Portraits On White and the “Kardashian photo booth” — the style of black and white Photo Booth that have been seen all over the Kardashian sisters’ social media sites. What better opportunity to talk a bit about the similarities as well as the differences.

Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

There are several photo booth services popping up and becoming known for their flawless black and white images. Most of them aren’t even really a photo booth in the classic sense at all. Instead, they use cameras and sometimes tablets leverage automation and photo-editing software. People often stand in front of the tablet while the screen mirrors their likenesses back to them. In some cases, there is an automated count down while in others, a photo booth attendant triggers the shutter at the moment they decide is right. Within the span of about ten to 15 seconds, the photo runs through some automated photo editing software, and a physical copy is printed out on the spot. In regards to many of the black and white filter or editing process (specifically the “Kardashian photo booth”), a Reddit user offered this advice when trying to duplicate it: Take a photo, convert it to black and white, decrease the contrast, fade the blacks, reduce the noise, and sharpen it. What is left is a very greyscale image with lots of tonal range and little contrast. The details are almost blurred together.

The Portraits On White have several similarities with the Kardashian-style photo booth. For one, we both take and print photos in lightning fast speed at all types of events from weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events / parties. We also both shoot in black and white. However it’s after these two points that our services diverge. Let’s explore them more!

Tablet-type devices vs. Professional Photographer

First, let’s talk about the set up! The Kardashian photo booth setup generally uses a custom built device that incorporates a screen or even tablet in order for guests to see themselves and for their attendant to capture the images. Call us “old school” but we still use a good old human being to talk and interact with every single guest. This human being is also a professional photographer equipped with a professional camera — the same ones we use on commercial and editorial sets. As such, they’re fast, reliable and shoot at an incredible quality that beats any entry-level camera or tablet.

Black and White process

We too use a hand-developed, time-tested, black and white preset that gives our images their signature look. Skin looks bright, flawless and glowing. However, instead of lowering the contrast and decreasing the blacks, our preset is incredibly high in contrast and the blacks are deep and crisp, providing a high-fashion photoshoot look to the images. Skin tones look clean and clear and the image looks nearly 3D.

Tablet-based automation vs. Professional Retoucher

While we leverage technology and high-tech filters, our process still involves a real life photo editor who retouches images in real time in lightning fast speed before sending it to our state-of-the-art printer. We edit on top of the line Apple iMac or MacBook Pro. This ensures that every printed photo is individually taken care of and every photo gets custom treatment just as it would at a professional photoshoot setting.

Automated experience vs. A Real Photoshoot

Lastly, the entire experience of the Portraits On White combined is what separates us from nearly all other photo booths. In fact, we are not a booth at all. We are a fully portable, professional photo studio at any event. From a real photographer, to the on-site editor, the use of powerful computers, professional lights and gear, the Portraits On White utilizes a completely difference process from start to finish for our clients!

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