Bouen Kim Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography

Boeun Kim Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography

Boeun Kim Toronto Wedding Photography and Videography

One of the best things about working heavily in the Toronto wedding scene is the amount of talented Toronto wedding photographers we encounter. We love networking and connecting with new talent around the Toronto area and one of the recent connections we found was with Bouen Kim wedding photography and videography. Her work captures a candid and relaxed moments during be it in the midst of beautiful nature or on a roof top downtown.

Toronto Wedding Photography Boeun Kim

One of the other aspects of her imagery that we enjoy is the post-processing style. After all, post-processing is almost like the other half of photo-taking these days. Boeun’s images have a slight muted look while retaining rich colours. The processing comes across as a bit of an ode to film photography.  As photographers ourselves, we can see her blending a modern style with a nuance of the old which is fantastic! 

We are story tellers. We tell your stories through photographs and films that is genuinely yours. We love good speeches, hearty laughs, teary eyes, and crazy dance moves.

Bouen Kim Toronto Wedding Photography Bouen Kim Toronto Wedding Photography


The biggest twist of it all? Boeun also shoots videography for weddings! Not only is she skilled in still images but can transfer that into story-telling with moving images and sound which is a unique skill that comes with patience and intent. What a talented person and team! You definitely need to check out her video work here and then get in touch with her here


I constantly tell myself that I need to paint or draw more, but I’m quite happy finding my creative outlet with photography & film at the moment! – Boeun Kim


If you’re still searching for the perfect photographer (among other vendors such as planners, venues, flowers, caterers, photo booths and more) another great resource to check out is Wedding Wire.


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