December 5, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Portraits On White

While the Portraits On White share many similarities to the typical photo booth we are separated by a huge list of differences. The Portraits On White is a fully equipped, professional photo studio with real-time retouching and printing at your event. Professional lights and stands, our signature white backdrop, a professional portrait photographer and a lightning-speed print technician/retoucher are all on site to run this personalized, private photo session. The images taken are professional grade, each professionally retouched having the quality and integrity to be printed as enlargements, as canvas, go into photo books or framed up in your home. Try that with your filmstrip!
The Portraits On White require a clutter-free area where we will set up the white backdrop against a solid wall. Our photographer will stand approximately 9' away from the backdrop when taking photos. As such, our footprint is 9x9x9' (WxHxD). Please ensure there are no obstructions above (e.g. chandlers). For on-site printing, an additional space of 2×6' would be necessary. A table of similar size and chair would be requested if available. We need the surrounding area to the POWs to be fairly open and clear to help with a successful portrait session. Outdoor locations are considered on a case by case basis. See some visuals of our set up.
Our workflow is so complex and time-sensitive that printing extra copies would slow down our printing/delivery speeds in a huge way causing guests to have to wait for their prints to be ready. This gives guests a poor experience of our service which we obviously try to avoid! Because of these reasons, we are unable to print extra copies outside of our usual volume.
We feel most comfortable with one hour of time to set up our studio and have it prepped/ready for when we are scheduled to open up the Portraits On White service. We take about 20-30 minutes to take down all of our equipment and leave the premise.
Nothing about the Portraits On White is automated. As a fully equipped portable portrait studio, our process requires a real-life person to monitor the hundreds of images that are being taken and quickly choose a winning option from each set and send it to our state of the art printer. Before images get printed, each image is individually retouched with special attention to cropping, highlights, shadows and finally, our signature Black and White is applied.
In short, yes. Our entire team of photographers are trained and held at the highest level of discernment not only for their level of technical ability and execution but also for their professionalism at every event. Our team is comprised of the same people as our sister company, Wedding Editorials, a professional wedding photography studio.
As wedding photographers, we saw the typical photo booth set up as such a missed opportunity. Guest would have lots of novel fun but neither they nor the bride and groom would be left with anything really meaningful or lasting. Influenced by our background as portrait photographers in the editorial/advertising world, we decided to transfer our skills, abilities and equipment into the event/wedding sphere, giving guests a taste of what it would be like to have their very own portrait session. After nearly a decade of refining our approach, we've developed a bold style of imagery that captures the character and personality of individuals at any event.
We currently service the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area with consideration to areas outside the GTA within Ontario at an additional travel fee. Travel fees are the total distance (to and back) between Toronto and the city of your event in kilometers at $0.75/km. Locations that require 2+ hours of one-way driving will be considered on a case-by-case situation and may incur overnight accommodation fees.
In keeping up with the times, we offer Instant Download with all of our services. Images that were retouched and printed onsite for guests will simultaneously be uploaded to a gallery where guests can easily access from their smartphone. These images will be free of charge and perfect for social media sharing. Because we need to upload your full gallery shortly after, the Instant Download images will disappear after 24 hours of your event and be replaced with the full gallery.

- Instant Download gallery available to guests immediately where they can download a digital version of their printed image for free
- Images disappear in 24 hours
- Instant Download gallery gets swapped with full client gallery in 48 hours
In short, times when guests are mingling, enjoying some light finger foods or a cocktail are ideal times to have the POWs running. Since we serve as a source of entertainment and interactivity guests ideally have access to us as an "activity".
For weddings, there are two ideal time slots both with some nuances to consider:
Reception/Pre-dinner/Cocktails: Guests arrive fresh and loosen up with a drink or two. They often find themselves lining up for a photo after catching up with some familiar faces or line up with their plus one. The flow of having guests arrive and having their photo taken seems to be very intuitive for most people. Letting people know that the Portraits On White end prior to dinner adds an element of urgency as well, helping with the overall participation. Capturing the bride and groom with their closest family members and their bridal party proves much easier during this period.

Post-dinner: Guests have been sitting down for a while and ready to have some fun. This can make for much more charismatic images. At some particular weddings, we also noticed the older generation of aunts, uncles, and grandparents leaving almost immediately once the evening festivities begin. In these cases, we miss the opportunity to capture some important portraits. Capturing the bride and groom with their cloests family members and their bridal party can be more difficult during this period since everyone is much more scattered.
Our entire studio set up is flight-ready. With commissions in Miami, Cancun and Hong Kong, the Portraits On White is a service available worldwide. Due to the complexity of these photo shoots, please contact us for details.

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